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Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Let’s patch things up!

Amending the relationship between Asagi and Hitomi must be done. A divided club during the upcoming festival just won’t do. Unfortunately, Asagi is dodging the growing problem. She’s unable to face Hitomi or the club after the confession. Regardless, Hitomi will fix this. Even if she has to follow Asagi around, they will talk to one another. Fortunately, Asagi does not fault Hitomi for anything. It is her own shortcomings that has her so down. Her eyes have always been fixed upon Shou, though she never did anything to advance their relationship. Shou may be out of her reach for now, yet that doesn’t mean the club must suffer. We’ll be making this one up over some food and karaoke.

Speaking of upcoming festivals, Kohaku wants to ensure that the magic portion of the club is also included. She’ll be needing some help to get it all done, though. Using the combined talents of Hitomi and Yuito will only do. However, this means Hitomi must perfect her ability to enter one’s work. Three minutes is her goal, and she’ll be getting it done after quite a few rounds of failure. Nevertheless, her results are absolutely astonishing. During a test run with the club, everyone was left breathless. Exploring the world Yuito created was a feast for the eyes. Yet, during this dive Yuito experienced something quite unexpected. An entrance into Hitomi’s heart has opened itself. The origins behind Hitomi’s colorless world has been revealed.

Losing one’s mother as a child will always be devastating, but the circumstances that Hitomi dealt with were cruel. Hitomi’s mother was the first women born into the Tsukishiro family without the ability to use magic. This led to some strained family relations, although her mother took a true hit when Hitomi was blessed with magic. Witnessing her daughter’s natural affinity for magic broke her. She abandoned Hitomi, however Hitomi blamed herself for all this. She believed that her magic forced her mother away. Taking on this burden crushed Hitomi going forward, fortunately Yuito has made it clear that she wasn’t at fault. No child can be blamed for their parents wrongdoings. Anyhow, it’s time to enter the heart. Enjoy Hitomi’s magic!





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We’re coming around to the end. So, be sure to tune in each Friday to see the colors in action!

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