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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 60

by Yumiko

Meanwhile on the other side…

Today’s focus shall be upon the confrontation with the Diamond Kingdom. Their arrival came about due to the chaotic situation. Taking advantage of the situation at hand is only part of their plan, though. The goal is to capture the Queen, and gain her knowledge on her longed lived life. However, they won’t be getting into these woods without a fight. Zell and his team have come to face them head on. Unfortunately, Zell will have to take on 2 of his former students. During his absence, Ladros and Mars have worked their way up to Shining Generals. These are not the children he helped train so long ago, yet maybe they will remember his most important lesson? Usage of one’s magic should be used to protect others. Well, at least one of his students remembered this line. In an unpredictable change of heart, Mars has turned traitor to the Diamond Kingdom. Still, the nigh unstoppable Ladros couldn’t of asked for a better gift. Taking out his former teacher and the brat that always annoyed him shall be a treat. Nevertheless, Ladros can be stopped. He’ll just need a little bit of anti-magic introduced to his system first.

I can’t say this was a spectacular episode to look at, but it’s great to see they’ve captured Ladros perfectly. This madman brings a unique fun to the party, and we’ll be getting quite a bit out of him in the following episodes. Asta’s gotta have a swing at him, after all. Moreover, Fana is about to lose it, though she’ll be in for a surprise of her own soon. If you haven’t caught on yet, then Fana and Mars are childhood friends. Their parting was quite rough, although their reunion will be one to witness. We should be getting to all these golden moments in short order, so let’s get down to today’s action. Enjoy the absolute madman known as, Ladros!







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Everything is coming together! We’re in for one exciting clash next Tuesday here at, Anime Solution.

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