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Release the Spyce T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Welcome to Okinawa!

A few of the girls may be off to Okinawa, but this trip isn’t for vacation. Investigation of the source of Moryo’s drug comes first. Meeting up with their contact on the island unfolds the dire situation at hand. The Shisa have been totally annihilated at the hands of the Nirai Kanai. This organization is also the grower for the plant that Tsukikage is looking for. Additionally, Nirai Kanai is extorting a former member of the Shisa. Ouka’s grandfather has been taken hostage in order to help out Nirai Kanai’s operation. While her grandfather remains in their hands, Ouka is forced to fight all those that would attack Nirai Kanai. Before sending Tsukikage off, the final member of the Shisa makes a request. Please save the hostages.

Taking down Nirai Kanai was a piece of cake for Tsukikage. All hostages were successfully rescued, as well! However, tensions are running a bit high after this operation. Momo has gone against Yuki’s orders yet again. Instead of fleeing when facing a tough opponent, she stood her ground. Momo’s pursuit for glory could one day put her in a situation where she won’t be so lucky. Now, protection of one’s disciple is natural. Yuki wishes to one day see her trainee blossom to her full potential. That day may just be coming soon. It would appear Yuki’s affinity with spyce is beginning to fade. Nevertheless, Momo must use her head going forward. There are many more days to come, and with each one another opportunity to protect her beloved city. Anyhow, ready to hack in with the selfie stick? Enjoy the viking girl!





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We’ll be back in the city next time. So, be sure to join us for more spy activities every Sunday!

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