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Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Can she do it all?

Kohaku’s unrivaled passion for magic continues to propel her forward. Upon learning that Hitomi is able to see color again, she has developed a theory. We’ve come to learn quite a few facts about Hitomi. Her ability to see color faded over time, so what’s causing the problem is herself. Now, as we’ve seen, Hitomi has the power to use magic unknown to her. This unconscious usage of magic may be the root of her problem. Moreover, her blockage of color was lifted when she interacted with Yuito. Somehow the connection between these two lies the key to solving Hitomi’s problem. Still, even the great Kohaku won’t be solving this one easily. All of her experiments have yet to turn out any results. Additionally, Kohaku’s strive for excellence has pushed her into learning time magic. If one day Hitomi wishes to return to the future, she wants to be able to help. However, Hitomi has come to a great realization. Living in the year 2018 isn’t so bad. What she currently has here is something she never had before. Even when asked if she would like to go back home one day, Hitomi wishes to stay in the present.

Hitomi’s will to stay in the present year is quite courageous. She was sent back to 2018 for a reason, after all. Regardless, a few problems may arise if she really plans to stay. I doubt this show will get too heavy into the consequences of time travel, but logically there will be some issues to come. The main one we might be seeing is conflicts of love. It has been hinted at for a while now, yet the love drama is finally coming. Hopefully the emotion of love solves Hitomi’s ultimate problem, though. Anyhow, ready to pair them up? Enjoy another colorless day with the club!





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I sense love problems on the horizon. So, be sure to join us for another experience in the past here at, Anime Solution!

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