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Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Summer has arrived!

The arrival of summer also mean it’s time for the annual club camping trip. Ready to kick back and capture the beauty of life? Well, not everyone is handling the passage of time greatly. As one grows into their adulthood the future holds many uncertainties. Kurumi in particular has begun to fear for what lies ahead. Her high school life is quickly coming to an end, and that feeling of being lost is creeping up hard. Moreover, the root cause of Kurumi’s recent predicament is due to her lack of passion for anything. Even photography is just a hobby to her. Regardless, she won’t be passing through this difficult time alone. While the pressure for a successful future is on, she still has her friends beside her. Support from those closest to her during the camping trip will be today’s cure all. Just throw off all that extra luggage, but bravely step forward into the future, Kurumi.

Episode 7 was mostly all about Kurumi, though that doesn’t mean Hitomi wasn’t involved. Turns out, Hitomi’s colorblindness is back. Her ability to see color again was temporary, but why? Well, according to Kohaku she simply just needs to live life to the fullest. Experiencing a life filled with fun moments should do the trick. Luckily for Hitomi, she’ll be getting another unforgettable memory. Yuito has lived up to his promise, and shared his latest piece of work with her. A world filled with color isn’t so far anymore. Anyhow, let’s get to camping. Enjoy the boat chase!





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Just how many more club activities will we undergo? Stay tuned for more color here at, Anime Solution!

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