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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 58

by Yumiko

She’s out for revenge!

Fana has come out to enforce justice upon those that have wronged the Eye of the Midnight Sun. The Black Bulls will pay, though that’s not the only reason this organization has deployed its forces. The Queen of the Witches currently holds one of the magic stones. Securing this stone is a must if they plan to complete their goal. Moreover, the Queen knew it was only a matter of time before she was attacked by the Eye of the Midnight Sun, yet she did not foresee another assault coming at the same time. The newly established Shining Generals from the Diamond Kingdom have arrived, as well. They’ve come for the Queen, however their forces are waiting till the grunts are cleared out. Once the dust has settled, the real action shall begin.

Is this the end for the Witches’ Forest? Besieged by two forces leave the Queen of the Witches in a tight spot. She may be powerful, but taking them all on will be quite a handful. Fortunately, her unannounced guests are more than willing to help save the forest. They did come here to save Asta’s arms, after all. Regardless, the action can’t begin before Asta’s arms are healed. A deal is struck between both sides. The Queen has healed and empowered Asta to take on the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Meanwhile, Zell and his team will fend off the Diamond forces. It’ll be an exciting battle on two fronts, nevertheless we’ve only just begun. Anyhow, Asta’s back and stronger than ever. Enjoy another encounter with Fana!





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