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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Where is he!?

We’re taking a step outside the game world this week. Kirito’s sudden arrival into the Underworld has left many unanswered questions. Today’s episode shall show us what took place after he was attacked. After being rushed to the hospital, Kirito’s life was saved. However, even if his life is no longer in danger, he may suffer permanent brain damage. Due to 5 minutes of heart failure, Kirito was unable to pump oxygen to his brain. The true extent of the damage is not clear, yet hope may lie elsewhere. It is recommended to Kirito’s guardian that he be transferred to a better equipped facility. Moreover, it was at this point a true sly fox appeared, Kikuoka. The shady character who has helped Kirito a number of times wishes to lend his aid once more. Unfortunately, after signing Kirito away things became murky. No one can seem to find him.

It’s Mama’s turn to find Papa! Asuna will not rest until she finds where they have taken Kirito. It doesn’t matter what she must do, or how far she must go. Kirito will be found at all costs. Fortunately, Kirito has quite a group of friends and supporters. Everyone that he has once touched is joining in on this investigation. However, no matter how much they search they can not find him. The Rath company has got him tightly locked up. Still, there are other ways to gain leads into this investigation. Reaching out to the women who once stood beside Kayaba is a long shot, but anything is worth it. Rinko will be our saving grace in this investigation. She is the creator of the machine that Kirito is currently hooked up to, and a former acquaintance of his. Through this slim connection, Asuna was able to team up with Rinko to find Kirito. We’re off to the Ocean Turtle to learn the details of the “project”.

No Kirito this week, but we learned quite a lot. Now, there’s still plenty more to be revealed. Asuna has only just arrived, after all. Regardless, rescuing her lover won’t be simple. Our story within the Underworld has only just begun. Hopefully there’s some good new in store for Asuna, though. Anyhow, it’s time to go undercover. Enjoy the trip to the turtle-pig!





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She’s found him, though what will be her next move? Join us for another chapter in this epic adventure here at, Anime Solution!

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