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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 55

by Yumiko

Let’s take a step back.

Previously we left off with the appearance of a new character, although only to us. Several members of the Black Bulls are already acquainted with this mysterious man. So, it’s our turn to learn all about him. Fanzell Kruger is his name, and his arrival into the story began 5 months ago. Before Asta became a magic knight, he had a fateful encounter. While training out in the woods, Zell came running out of no where. Seeing a nude man being chased by a boar may be an odd sight, but once Asta saved him a bond was formed. Zell’s current circumstances are a tad strange, though Asta doesn’t question him. He is currently just laying low and waiting on someone. In the meantime, he invites Asta to stay with him. It was during this time Asta was still trying to grasp the basics of swordplay. Luckily for him, Asta had found himself a teacher. During a short period of time, Asta and Zell trained day and night. Unfortunately, these blessed days wouldn’t last.

Fanzell’s wait came to an end once a student of his showed up. She has come to report bad news. It would appear his wife may have been killed. Well, let’s take another step back here. Turns out, Fanzell is on the run from the Diamond Kingdom. He could no longer stomach the oppressive regime that ruled the kingdom. His wife, his students, and himself, all fled for their lives. However, during their attempt to run, they were separated. Mariella’s report takes a heavy toll upon Zell, however there’s another blow right around the corner for him. His beloved student has betrayed him. Mariella came with numerous assassins to forcefully take him back to the kingdom. Fanzell’s will to live was already broken at this point, though Asta won’t let it end like this. His wife could still be out there. Never trust the word of a traitorous dog, after all. After fending off the diamond assassins, Fanzell set off to find his wife. Their time as student and teacher may have been short, still the story doesn’t end here.

If you’re wondering why we’re getting this story all of a sudden, well it is necessary for the upcoming arc. The story being adapted right now didn’t happen in the manga, but was contained within a novel. These novel characters will have a roll to play, although we’ve gotta get through their backstory first. Moreover, I’m glad to see this is being adapted. If you strictly read the manga, then it may have been a bit jarring to see a bunch of characters suddenly show up and all know one another. These next few episodes should help smooth over this problem. Hopefully we’re in for quite the tale. Anyhow, remember to watch your back. Enjoy the world famous tatoes!





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We’ve got more of Fanzell’s tale to tell. Join us for the continuation next Tuesday here at, Anime Solution!

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