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Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

There’s no limits when magic is involved.

Hitomi’s leap into 2018 may have been sudden, though the wheels have begun to turn. While she waits for Kohaku to return, she will reluctantly resume her school life. Now, being a mage has some of the students keeping their distant. Kohaku has created quite a troublesome reputation for those that wield magic. However, Hitomi’s view on the usage of magic is quite the opposite of her grandmother’s. She has little love for the craft and hardly knows how to use it. In her eyes magic is nothing but a blur. Still, coming to the year 2018 has already changed her. During her search for the lost earring, she encounters an artist that turns her gray world into a blaze of colors. Yuito’s art has enabled Hitomi to see the world again, and has her coming back for more.

Yuito and Hitomi have quite the odd beginning. It was his home she fell into, and was caught escaping out of. Since then rumors of them being a couple have surfaced. This was all simply a misunderstanding, though Yuito does ask for proof of her claims. Seeing Hitomi perform magic amazed him. He believed it to be better than his art. Hearing such a compliment has now caused Hitomi to practice magic. She never believed someone out there might find her magic fascinating. One simple magic star will be the start of the turning point. Anyhow, ready to meet the club members? Enjoy the school life!




Episode 2:






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