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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko


Now that they’re friends, it’s time to solve the imprisonment problem. A good friend would never leave a friend behind, after all. Unfortunately, dispelling Unlimited Imprisonment would take quite sometime, and time is not on Veldora’s side. His magic is slowly but surely running out. Once it hits zero this dragon’s life will come to an end. Regardless, our courageous slime won’t be leaving his new friend behind. In order to buy Veldora as much time as possible a deal is struck. Veldora will fight from within the slime’s stomach. Inside this stomach he will have no fear of ever fading away. Now, before these two go their separate ways, Veldora offers a divine gift. A name like no other will be imprinted upon this slime’s soul. Rimuru Tempest has been born.

Veldora may no longer be around, but there’s a whole world out there. Rimuru’s journey has just begun, though first he’ll need to get out of the cave. Moreover, this cave holds a number of high ranking monsters. Monsters that will be a feast for Rimuru’s predator skill. Over the course of several weeks, Rimuru works his way throughout the cave killing monsters and collecting resources. Finding the exit happened by chance, yet he couldn’t be more delighted to see the sun again. Shortly after reaching the outside world, he is greeted by goblins. These goblins have coming seeking his aid, although he can’t believe a lowly slime is being asked for help. That lowly slime just doesn’t know how powerful he has become. Nevertheless, these goblins are ready to pledge their loyalty for protection. The recent disappearance of their god has left them vulnerable. Direwolves threaten what little remains of their village. Rimuru isn’t looking for any real compensation here, still he’ll be answering the call for these goblins.

The disappearance of a god? Turns out, Veldora’s 300 year imprisonment wasn’t just for show. His presence has kept the peace between a number of factions. Once he vanished from the world things began to change. We’ll be seeing just how deep his disappearance hit this land over the coming weeks. Rimuru has some big shoes to fill going forward. Anyhow, an attack is on the way. Enjoy the slimy aura!




Episode 2:


ED: It’s another just walking ending. Well, I guess rolling and hopping this time.




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