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Harukana Receive T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Party time!

Before the party, we’ve got some results to go over. The heated third set between the pairs have come to a close. It was a close one til the very end, but there can only be one victor. Haruka and Kanata will be advancing to nationals. Now, remember this was a match between friends. Even though only one side could win, they will all remains good friends. Additionally, Haruka and Kanata will be carrying on the twin’s dream. They’ve passed on their scrunchies, and with it their hopes of becoming number one in Japan. This pair has quite a reputation to live up to now. They’ve beaten the 2nd best in Japan, though their true rivals lie ahead.

The big goal of becoming number one in Japan won’t be accomplished during this season. This is the end of the line for the anime, and a 2nd season probably won’t be happening anytime soon. Not even the source material has them as number one yet. So, let’s talk about what we’ve been given thus far. The story of season one is quite straight forward. Haruka and Kanata have a shared goal of becoming the number one pair in Japan. Through months of training and help from friends, they’ve managed to make it to nationals. Woven throughout all that is some minor drama and character growth. Breaking Kanata out of her shell was the biggest piece of growth we saw. Haruka’s arrival changed everything for her. Being short won’t stop her from going forward any longer. Kanata will fulfill her promise with Narumi, although with a replacement.

A beach volleyball anime has been something I’ve been look forward to for years. I’ve said it before, I love watching this sport. As such, in my heart I can give this one a 9/10. The biggest knock against this one is the incomplete story. However, if you’re not so much into the sport, then Harukana is more likely a 6-7/10. There are a number of issues with this production. While it does look great at times, they reuse footage quite a lot. This could even be seen during episode 1. It was already a telling sign when the OP and ED wasn’t in till episode 3. Still, C2C put in some honestly beautiful shots. They always made sure to include those each episode. Anyhow, it’s party time. Enjoy the finale!





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