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Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 22

by Yumiko

It’s a promise, okay?

Saving Mayuri and Suzuha was a bust yet again. Beating convergence will take some advanced planning. Okabe may be able to put a stop to Stratfor and DURPA, yet Russia poses a whole other problem. The Russians inclusion began quite some time ago. Kurisu’s father, Dr. Nakabachi, has defected to the Russians. His defection caused the Russians to actively go after any traces of Kurisu’s time machine theory. Unfortunately, this means they went after the Amadeus system. The knowledge they gained from hacking is what led them to pursue the time machine on that fateful day. So, how can the lab member solve this? Time leaping back that far won’t be possible, and sending a D-mail will get SERN involved. Fortunately, Daru has a work around. He can send a perfectly safe messages back using D-RINE. Still, there’s one big issue. Protection of the Amadeus system will not be possible. The only way to go about this is to delete the system as a whole. Only then can Okabe beat convergence.

Okabe’s attachment to the Amadeus system is an odd one. They really try to make you feel for that program during this episode. However, there’s little choice in this matter. In order to get to the Steins Gate world line, the Amadeus system must go. Regardless of how one feels on this matter, Okabe does make a promise before the final shutdown. He swears he will find that sliver of a possibility. The one world line where the impossible is possible. This mad scientist will find a way. Anyhow, ready to ride the RINE line? Enjoy the final good-bye!





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Ready for the epic conclusion? Join us next time for the ideal world line.

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