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One Room 2 T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

One more time!

Our third life has begun, however we’re starting off on a rough patch. The walk home led to an unbelievable sight. A beauty like no other was outside practicing gymnastics. Now, this sight was once in a life time, so why not take a quick snap of it? Well, Mashiro wasn’t very pleased once she saw what was going on. She believe us to be a pervert, but this is simply a misunderstanding. As the days come and go we bump into Mashiro more and more. The first impression has her keeping her distance, though she does become comfortable around us after some time. In fact, when she needed some help we were first to cross her mind. Just a quick flip of the switch has landed us inside her room.

Mashiro has quite the beautiful set of eyes, but behind them is a troubling tale. Currently she’s a bit lost in life. After a career ending injury, she could no longer participate in gymnastics. This has forced her to seek out a new path in life, but she hasn’t had much luck yet. Additionally, Mashiro is quite the loner. We may be a pervert to her, yet she came to us first when her power went out. No amount of embarrassment will hide the pain. Anyhow, ready to meet our final love interest? Enjoy the loner!







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Enough stalking for today. Still, be sure to join us for another stalk session next Monday!

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