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Happy Sugar Life T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Come on in.

Shoko’s daring attempt succeeded, although what she was about to walk into was something else. From the moment she arrived at Satou’s apartment complex trouble was already awaiting. Two police officers were on the scene to investigate a suspicious smell. Satou having little choice in the matter was forced to let them. However, what she truly dreaded inside wasn’t the small, but her crazed auntie. Satou’s aunt is delighted to have some guests, though a little embarrassed about the smell. Turns out she just had a room filled with trash. Now, once the officers were done searching, things took an interesting turn. An expression of love that would scare some at first sight was thrown down. These police officers will never forget this home visit. Unfortunately, everything happened right in front of Shoko. She’s lost after this experience, and can’t quite find the words to comfort Satou. This whole push began in the name of friendship, yet in the end she did not stand by her friend.

I have to say Satou’s aunt put on a wonderful performance. Her love may be twisted, but she made this episode the best one yet. Moreover, this home visit was all a ploy by Satou. In order to get Shoko and her teacher off her back something had to be done. They believed something truly terrible was going on inside her home, however what they saw was only a madwomen in heat. Still, where is Shio? These two actually live one floor up. Inside that apartment is where the true horror took place, though we’ll save those details for later. Anyhow, ready to see an unusual expression of love? Enjoy the aunt!





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Love is complicated. There may be many flavors of love, but for Satou there is only one. One she must protect no matter the cost. Nevertheless, be sure to join us each week to know her love status here at, Anime Solution!

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vivi (@guest_4145)
2 years ago

why is the aunt under satous house and why dont the aunt never visits since shes a creep i think this epi was confusing tbh