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Overlord III T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Nazarick raid in progress…

The workers are quick to hit the tomb. Riches beyond belief await them down below, after all. Now, things started off easy. Some even believed this would be a cakewalk. Unfortunately, once the raid split up the trouble began. Three of the worker groups are either slain, captured , or tortured with ease. As for the other group, Foresight was caught in a trap. They now find themselves standing before an arena. It is here where they will meet their destiny. The lord of the tomb has come to personally deal with these invaders. Foresight is in for quite the treat.

Talk about a massacre. These workers never stood a chance, but their deaths will be put to good use. Ainz never acts without purpose. This is all apart of his grand plan, though the details of it are still not clear. All we know so far is this is part of a test. Anyhow, ready to see these foolish raiders dispatched? Enjoy the decent below!





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There’s more blood to be spilled. So, be sure to see it all here at, Anime Solution!

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