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Island T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Ready to complete the circle?

Setsuna was able to act in time. However, saving Rinne has stranded them both on the island of Boryujima. Upon this island, Setsuna found something that should not be. It is also here where he found the remains of the real Setsuna. Reading the real Setsuna’s last words explained how he was able to save Rinne 5 years ago. He found a “boat” that would be able to send her back home safely. Unfortunately, there was only space for one, thus he remained on the island only to perish. Once Rinne found out the truth she was devastated, yet she can finally move on. Her real Setsuna may be gone, though her backup is quite reliable. Now, after some time our duo finally decided to escape the island. The trip back apparently took a turn for the worst. Rinne was claimed by the sea.

Before I got any further just know the events we’ve experienced so far was to show how everything began. One could say we’re experiencing a time loop of sorts. Now, remember that “boat” the real Setsuna found, well that was no boat. He found a machine that is able to freeze one’s time. This machine will now be used to help save Rinne’s life. Setsuna the Drifter is willing to do anything to save Rinne. This was one of his objectives, after all. However, saving her may take thousands upon thousands of years. This machine only freezes one’s time, and a way back isn’t possible in the current time. Regardless, he’s willing to take on any risk to save Rinne. Additionally, he won’t forget what he must do this time. He must become the only Setsuna in Rinne’s heart. Anyhow, ready to get lost? Enjoy the thousand year trip!





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We’ve gotta go back! Stay tuned for the rewind here at, Anime Solution!

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KayKay (@guest_161)
5 years ago

Hmm, the story is abit confusing…..will she comes back to life in the end?

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  KayKay
5 years ago

Yes, this entire show is really about saving Rinne. At the very start, Setsuna the Drifter came back in time to save a girl, though he had forgotten what he truly needed to do. Due to Rinne’s intense desire to find out the fate of the real Setsuna, she died.Now, note that we began with Setsuna the Drifter already starting with 3 objectives. He needed to save a life, kill someone, and save the world. This more than likely means he’s already looped the world or even done it numerous times, however his memories are failing him each time he comes back in time. Additionally, these 8 episodes thus far were all to show the viewers how Setsuna the Drifter’s mission began. So, in total, yes, Rinne will keep coming back until he can save her life. No matter how many times he fails, he will sacrifice as many years as it takes to save Rinne.