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Happy Sugar Life T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Lies taste bitter.

Satou’s happiness is under assault yet again. Those pesky co-workers just won’t give her a break. One of them in particular is getting a little to close for comfort. Su’s admiration for Satou has driven her to become a copy cat. Her own life is full of disappointments, so why not copy the perfect Satou? Unfortunately, in Su’s pursuit of becoming Satou she has hit a wall. This wall being knowing how Satou lives. Now, finding out anything about Satou’s home life is difficult for obvious reasons. However, Su is willing to push the envelop. She directly comforts Satou about it, but Satou won’t be playing her little game. Satou is quick to put her in her place, and adds a dash of fear into her heart. Although in order to get her to back off, Satou was forced to do something out of character. She promised false love to someone other than her happiness. After dealing with Su the bitter taste just won’t leave her. The only one that can make her right again is, Shio. Letting Shio know the truth shall once again restore her happiness.

Su wasn’t the only problematic co-worker this week. Remember, Taiyo? Well, he has been paid a visit by Shoko. She has come to check up on him since he’s missing out on work again. However, her visit turned grim rather abruptly. Accidentally falling into his room threw her into quite a shock. She has now learned about his obsession with his angel, or as we know her, Shio. Taiyo didn’t mean for her to see all this, but now that she knows he let her in on a secret. His angel is being held captive by the wicked Satou. Shoko can hardly believe anything he says, and eventually runs off after having enough. Still, the accusation is now out there. Does she believe in the dashing mad man, or her good friend? Anyhow, the madness will only continue to build up from here. So, let’s dive on down into the abyss. Enjoy the lies!





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I feel a home visit coming on. Join us for a startling reveal next time here at, Anime Solution!


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