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Island T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Ready for the date?

Rinne has grown tired of sharing her Setsuna with others. Today will be a day just for Setsuna and her. It’s time for a romantic day out on the island. However, like always we end up back at the beach. The beach may normally be a place to make happy memories, but for Rinne a tragic incident occurred there. A incident she only recently remembered. If you re-call back to the beach episode, then you know Rinne had a panic attack. That panic attack was caused by her remembering what happened on one deadly night. During that night she was forced to take shelter in a shack due to the high tides. Along with her was also the real Setsuna. Now, all night her father was out looking for her. Once he found her things turned violent. Rinne’s father threw Setsuna into the sea. Unfortunately, in his rush to find them he lost track of time. The sun had risen, and Norimasa suffers from soot blight syndrome. After that night, Rinne’s Father was no more.

If you read the above, then you’ll notice I said the “real” Setsuna was thrown into the sea. That’s right, the Setsuna we have is not the same one from back then. Rinne did dive in after him, but when she woke up it was only her. Still, the Setsuna that stands before her is her Setsuna. He has given her a reason to live again, and that’s enough for her. Moreover, one should pay close attention to the relationship that’s building between Rinne and Setsuna. Not everyone seems to be happy about these developments. It’s almost as if this is a forbidden love. Could the legends be true? Anyhow, ready to experience the truth? Enjoy the date!


I’m honestly impressed. We’ve seen her bottom and panties already, yet this…




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Is this love truly meant to be? Find out next time here at, Anime Solution.

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