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Happy Sugar Life T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Happiness secured.

While Taiyo takes a dirt nap, Satou has come to the rescue. Now, dealing with the two thugs will take a bit of finesse. Satou may be a mere high school girl, but these two hurt her happiness. They have also seen and identified, Shio. Well, there’s only one way to deal with this situation. They’ll never see again. After business is taken care of, Satou returns Shio to her rightful place. Although this is where her luck runs out. During her departure, Taiyo saw her leave with Shio in hand.

Shio is now safe, yet at what cost? Her run away brought up a number of painful memories for her. A figure she could not identify has now become clear. She can now recall upon her mother’s face. Moreover, while Shio was out she was seen by 3 individuals. Two of them have been dealt with. Taiyo on the other hand was overlooked. This boy presents two problems. He now knows that Satou has Shio. At anytime he could ruin everything. Additionally, Taiyo spoke to Shio for quite a bit. When Satou asked Shio if she engaged with anyone outside, said replied, “no”. Shio is now a liar. All right, we’ve got tons of crazy stuff to come. There’s several characters still boiling with craziness, and ready to destroy Satou’s happy life. So, how about some media now? Enjoy the rescue operation!





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