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Dog Days Blu-ray Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

There’s no place like home.

Unfortunately, Cinque won’t be going home anytime soon. Turns out a hero summoning is a one way trip. Millhiore was unaware of this fact, but she does plan to correct this. The princess has her chief researcher on the job. Although, Rico has no clue where to begin on Cinque’s problem, she can help him with another one, though. Using Rico’s frequency machine he is able to contact his friends and family. He assures them everything is all right until he can make it back to Earth. Moreover, not everyone was pleased about the recent defeat. Gaul, prince of Galette, wishes to see the hero first hand. In order to do so, he has kidnapped the princess. Her freedom will come at the cost of a one on one.

Just when a crucial victory was earned we’re heading right back into battle. On top of that, Millhiore has a performance she must attend. Our hero has little time before the night is lost. Moreover, Cinque’s problem is also on a time limit. Rico has 16 days before he needs to be back on Earth. How Rico plans to do this will be quite interesting. The contract did say there would be no return. Anyhow, we’ve got a princess to save. Enjoy the dog girls!


Since they left all this fog on the blu-ray….

Here’s a modified version. We all need some dog butt in our lives.




Click here for the WebM album.


Will our hero be able to save the princess in time? Stay tuned for more Dog Days media reviews here at, Anime Solution.

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