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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 20

by Yumiko

The stage has been set.

6 long months have come and gone since the beginning of Beatless. Over that period of time we’ve lost a number of characters. Watarai was slain by the very machines he’d hoped to control. Kouka outsourced her problem to the world in hopes that one day a place for her could be created. And more recently, Snowdrop’s rampage ended with her permanent shutdown. During all this time we also saw our protagonist grow. Arato may have started as an easily manipulated boy for Lacia, but now he’s willing to step forward. He’s come to trust in Lacia, and believes in a future designed by her. Moreover, none of this came easy. Arato lost the trust of his two best friends in order to make it this far. His actions even has the world around him gunning him down. Nevertheless, he holds tight to Lacia’s trust. The two will soon be heading for the grounds of the final conflict as one.

It surely has been an enduring 6 months. Among those 6 months Beatless had 5 breaks. So, what does that mean? They’ve ran out of airing time. It’s no secret that Beatless started off looking less than stellar. One would think with the planned intermissions this show could come back strong each time, but nope. Instead we’ve had to go through a disrupted flow several times over. Now, we face and even bigger disruption. It’s going to be nearly 3 months before the end of Beatless is released. The final 4 episodes are planned for September, however take that with a grain of salt. We ended this episode with a, “Coming Soon”, yet don’t be surprised if things fall through later on. Regardless, Beatless will be covered her even if he takes more time. I’m already this invested, so there’s no stopping now. Anyhow, enjoy the final review before the long break!





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Beatless will return…

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