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Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Sergeant Clean has arrived.

Maho’s new living space is secured, but her arrival comes with some uncleanliness. Her short duration at the Akiha residence has summoned an unlikely figure. Sergeant Clean is here to straighten up Maho’s room. While the room is being attended to, Okabe and Maho are off. During that time Maho fixes the Amadeus app on Okabe’s phone. He’s willing to give it another attempt, although he does now recognizes the app for what it is. Moreover, the next day these two have another outing. One could say it was even a date. Unfortunately the day ends on a somber note. Maho desired to see the last place Kurisu drew breath. Okabe is willing to go along, yet the events that were about to unfold could change everything. During their time there, Maho reveals a secret. She holds the data to Kurisu’s time machine theory.

Kurisu’s laptop has been shown in Maho’s possession for quite some time now. She was never able to gain access to it. The girl genius was smart enough to put a password on her laptop. Anyways, this particular laptop holds an importance that Maho had no clue about. Within that laptop holds the data to start WWIII. Kurisu’s time machine theory is desired by many, and once it’s out there the worse possible future is guaranteed. Now, Maho’s desire to find out what was on the laptop had pushed her to work with a third party. The laptop currently sits in a locker awaiting pick up. If this laptop falls into the wrong hands it’s all over. So, let’s pray for Okabe sake that he’ll make it in time, but that’s for next week. For now let’s enjoy today’s media!





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The trigger for WWIII is only moments away. Will Okabe be able to retrieve the laptop in time?! Find out next Wednesday here at, Anime Solution.

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