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Bikini Warriors Blu-ray Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

The greatest adventurers in the land have arrived.

A kingdom is in peril, but no fear the Bikini Warriors are here! However, before they can begin securing the surrounding lands some much-needed funds must be acquired. Now, the lord of this kingdom is willing to provide. Unfortunately he can only give 10 gold pieces for their work. That should be more than enough, right? Well, not all the warriors are willing to work for less than a potion. Once Dark Elf raised her sword in defiance, it was all over. Time to discipline these warriors in the dungeon.

Today’s review is done through two different sources. If you didn’t know, Bikini Warriors had a normal Blu-ray release, then a hyper sexy Blu-ray release. The normal version is for the most part the same thing that aired on T.V. The hyper sexy version as the name suggest kicks the eroticism up to 11. So, that means adding in nipples here and there, or changing up a scene to be extra sexy. You’ll get a taste of that down below. Anyhow, this lord’s words are absolute. Enjoy the punished warriors!



Hyper Sexy Edition: Basically they changed positions, added in nipples, and put in some wetness for good measure.


WebMs: These two just show the difference between the normal version and the hyper sexy version.


Click here for the WebM album.


We’ll have more bikini action here without a doubt. Although that’s it for now. Still, be sure to return each day for more HD anime media.

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