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Comic Girls T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

It’s a Koyume episode.

Koyume’s rise to the top isn’t without drawbacks. Eating sweets all the time has finally caught up with her. She’s gained a little bit of weight, but no fear. Some dieting and exercise should put her right back into shape. Unfortunately her love for sweets is the secret behind her success. Without her constant snacking her work begins to slip. Now, a difficult choice must be made. It’s her figure or career. Koyume isn’t going to let a little bit of weight get in the way of her dream. After a night of revisions and sweets the high spirited Koyume is back!

Tsubasa also had her time to shine during today’s episode. As we all know at this point, she is the least feminine out of the group. This has in turn caused quite a dilemma with her work. She has no idea how to handle female characters. As such it’s up to Koyume to help guide her back down the path of being a girl. Moreover, Tsubasa has lost her manuscript at school. This could be a major problem for everyone if it’s not found quickly. The girls search all over for it, but in the end nothing is found. That was until a mysterious girl appeared before them. Fuura-senpai is here to save the day, and end us on one spooky note.

Moeta, there’s no room for you today. Kaos-sensei unfortunately was in the background for the majority of this episode. Hopefully she’s still reaching for higher heights back there. Anyhow, the media is just calling. Enjoy today’s edition of Comic Girls!





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Just 3 more to go! Still, we’ve got plenty of more comic girls doing cute things here at, Anime Solution.

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