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Comic Girls T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Time for an upgrade.

Kaos is beginning to feel like she’s being left behind. She is now the only girl in the house that doesn’t have a serialized series. As such she’s willing to brave new heights in order to improve herself. Now, improvements never come easy, but she got friends that can help her out. Speaking of friends, Fuura is still especially interested in Moeta. Although she may be scary at times her experience speaks for itself. Under her wing Kaos is able to improve her ability to draw backgrounds. Moreover, Moeta is willing to brave a trip out alone. It’s her first time, still she gotta grow if she ever plans to get her work serialized. Moeta’s adventure started off fine, but after a sudden encounter with a officer things turned south. Luckily her friends are always around the corner to help back her up.

In the end Moeta’s push for excellence didn’t yield what she desired. Still, her work during today’s episode won’t go to waste. Her ability to learn from others will take her far. As long as she is open to learning, then anything is possible in the future. Don’t give up, Kaos-sensei! Anyhow, ready for some cool beauties in glasses? Enjoy today’s media!





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Looks like we’re being treated to a festival next time. Be sure to return here next Thursday for more excitement with, Comic Girls!

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