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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 31

by Yumiko

There’s no time to wait!

Numerous adolescents have vanished into the night. Each of these children have yet to come into their magic, but they show signs of great potential. As such they have been chosen. Still, how could they have all just got up and gone without a trace? Well, that was no ordinary snow outside. The children have been put under a trance, and march to their doom. Our culprits behind this act are just two brothers carrying out a job. They seek to drain out every last drop of magic from these children in order to fulfill their work. However, they believed this would be an easy contract. Accounting for the sudden appearance of Asta and the gang wasn’t according to plan. Looks like these two brothers are now in for a world of trouble.

Things have only just begun for this arc. These two brothers are just mere pawns. Next time a certain lascivious lady should be showing up. And that’s not all, further down the line we’ll be getting a major clash between light and darkness. Now, if you re-call last time I gave some praises for the improved art quality. Unfortunately they went 8 feet backwards with this episode. It’s sad to report, but this one was hard to watch. I’m really hopping they are saving up for the big fight that is coming. Else wise this could be one major let down. I’ll still hold out hope. Anyhow, we’ve got media to cover here. Enjoy today’s trashing!


Oh man… just…


Petit Clover: Since the quality during this episode was a let down here’s two additional stitches of Rebecca.





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The action has just begun, and we’ve got lots more to go. Be sure to check back each week for more Black Clover here at, Anime Solution!

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