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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya Movie: Sekka no Chikai Media Review Part 2

by Yumiko

Not all smiles can be protected.

If you’ve somehow mistakenly landed on part 2 before part 1, then you should definitely check that one out first. You can click here to jump over to that post. Anyhow, part 2 of this review covers Shirou’s various battles during the Holy Grail War, and fulfilling a wish for happiness.

In order to save the world, Julian has began a Holy Grail War. Once he had Miyu back within his grasps everything became possible again. Meanwhile, the once cheerful Shirou has all but vanished. Losing Miyu devastated him to the core. Still, he has one other person who cares for him. Sakura can see that her senpai is no longer what he use to be. As such she pays him one final visit, and offers him a choice. Run away with her. Together they can live out a beautiful life together. While this is a tempting offer, it is not what Shirou wants.

Unknown to Sakura a piece of her past had somehow been revived. Shinji has returned from the grave, and comes bearing bad news. He’s here to end his traitorous little sister. She may have been invited in for the Holy Grail War, but Julian never trusted her. Even the class card she held is a fake. Although she wouldn’t know this until it was too late. The card may be a fake, but the king of fakers stand close by. Once he got his hands on the card an impossibility became possible. Realizing his ideal self finally gave Shirou the power he needed to accomplish his goal. Heroic Spirit Emiya is here take this Holy Grail War by the horns.

Collecting the other class cards was no easy feat, but Emiya is one determined boy. Once he held all the cards he had become the victor. Julian would no longer be able to stand in his way now. After his victory over Saber he immediately headed for Miyu’s location. It is here where his wish for her happiness took place, and what he believed to be their final parting. Still, one obstacle remains. Angelica has come to put a stop to his wish. She is the true holder of the Archer class card, and one to be feared. Shirou may now be card-less, but he’ll be pulling out all the stops just to buy enough time for Miyu. Ready to experience the unlimited blade works?

That should just about do it. Covering this movie was a real challenge. I actually had to get a new set of tools in order to deal with the heavy grain in the movie. Stitching this one was a pain to say the least. Still, while challenging I loved every single moment of it. If this movie doesn’t move you, then nothing will! Anyhow, enough chatter. Let’s move on into the center piece. Enjoy the movie!





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If you’ve made it this far, then thank you! Reviewing this movie was a blast to say the least. I hope you enjoyed this review just as much as I did. Also, I have some good news. Another movie review will be hitting Anime Solution very soon. Something about not having a life and gaming. Well, just be sure to check back around this time next week for more here at, Anime Solution!

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