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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya Movie: Sekka no Chikai Media Review Part 1

by Yumiko

Anime Solution proudly presents its 2nd movie review!

Before we get into the review part there’s a few important things of note here. First, this movie is presented through the eyes of Emiya. Yes, this may be “Illya’s movie”, but she isn’t actually in it til the very end. Additionally, chronologically this part of the story is being told after the events of season 4. However, this story takes place before episode 1 from season 1, and ends during episode 2 of season 1. Hopefully that straighten things up. Just think of this as Miyu’s prequel story told by her Onii-chan. Lastly, going forward movie reviews may be broken up into parts. This review is being done in 2 parts due to the large volume of media. A lot of love and care went into this one, so let’s talk story now.

Ever wondered how Miyu just suddenly appeared one day? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This movie is all about finding a place where Miyu can be happy. Originally she was only looked upon as a tool, a mere wish granting device. Nevertheless, her fate would begin to change the day she was rescued by Shirou and Kiritsugu. These two originally also looked upon her as a tool in order to further their goal. However, with Kiritsugu passing the relationship with Miyu changed. Shirou began to look at her as family. Now, Miyu’s history was kept a secret from her. She had no existences to the outside world. In order to set things right, Shirou finally took her outside. This was to be the beginning of their new life as a family. Instead this would be the beginning of Heroic Spirit: Emiya Shirou.

Part 1 of this review covers up to Miyu’s kidnapping. Julian has taken what he believes to be rightfully his. They may have been former school friends, but after he found out the truth everything changed. Originally, Miyu was to be used in order to revive their dying world. She was to be the container of hope, but suddenly vanished one day. As we know, she was taken in by the Emiya’s never to be seen again until that fateful day. Now, Shirou only has one goal in mind. Rescue his little sister, and find a place where she can be truly happy. Anyhow, let’s get to some media. Enjoy part 1!





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Now, be sure to check out part 2 of this glorious movie media review. You can click right here if you’d liked to be taken to it. The real action is over on that part, so make sure not to miss it!

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Hajinmon Ken
Hajinmon Ken (@guest_61)
6 years ago

I’m such a fan of your Screencaps! XD Will you be doing this for Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel?

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  Hajinmon Ken
6 years ago

Thank you for the comment! As for, Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel, yes it will be covered here. However, it may be some time before it shows up here. After finishing this movie review, and NGNL Zero I’m beat. Still, rest assured that more movie reviews will show up one day.