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Mahou Shoujo Site T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Magical Hunter V2 strikes!

The time for Sarina’s vengeance is at hand. Aya’s slaying of Erika will never be forgiven. The scar that Tsuyuno placed upon Sarina will never fade. Now, with a renewed sense of duty, and revenge in her heart she has come. Aya and Tsuyuno are in it for the fight of their lives against Sarina. On top of this, Sarina has gone behind their backs. Key details on Rina were leaked to Nijimi. As such Nijimi is ready to tear Rina to shreds. Nevertheless, while the horizon looks bleak our heroines aren’t ready to go just yet. Tsuyuno foresaw that an attack on Rina might one day happen. Counter-measure were already in place to stop anyone that would do her harm. Moreover, Sarina has the duo in quite the bind. Tsuyuno, was already down from overuse. That only leaves Aya to defend and fend off, Sarina. She’s no fighter, but when it comes to defending a friend she’ll put herself on the line. Still, Sarina will be bringing down the house on them in one epic clash.

Talk about one bloody battle. Today’s fight leaves Aya and Tsuyuno hospitalized. Aya, for the most part is fine. However, Tsuyuno is a whole other case. Even if she pulls through the night her time is short. Additionally, episode 5 was adapted just about perfectly. The content shown through this episode is from the later half of chapter 13, and ends with chapter 17. A few pages from chapter 18 also found their way in. Moving forward we’ll probably get a taste of betrayal, and the introduction of a new magical girl. Anyhow, it’s time for some revenge. Enjoy today’s fight!


Now that’s a priceless reaction.

They just couldn’t help themselves with this one.

I know they kept her shirt on because of censorship and what not, but there are times when a scene just looks ridiculous because of it. The hospital isn’t going to leave your shirt on in such a situation.




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Will our heroines pull through today’s bloody battle? Find out next Friday here at, Anime Solution!

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