Alice or Alice: Siscon Niisan to Futago no Imouto T.V. Media Review Episode 4

Nothing wrong with picking up a stray.

Especially if that stray just happened to be a cute girl. Now, just imagine walking down a street, and you find a box labeled with; “please take me home”. And out comes the most precious girl you’ve ever laid your eyes upon. Well, of course you’ve gotta do the responsible thing and take her home. Anyhow, episode 4 introduces the final heroine, Ruha. She may be a stray, but she has already got a thing for Onii-chan!

While what happened during this episode may appear to be slightly odd, just go with it. More imoutos for Onii-chan can never be wrong. Additionally, Ruha is a cheeseburger lover, so she is keeper for sure. Anyhow, time for the media. Enjoy the final addition!





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The entire cast is finally all here. Find out what fun little mini-adventures we’ll see next time here at, Anime Solution!

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