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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 28

by Yumiko

Who would you take to the mixer?

Asta’s hard work during the capital invasion is met with some much needed rest. So, why not go out and meet some girls? Finral suddenly sprung the idea on Asta, although he’ll be needing one more for this group date. It’s always slim pickings among the Bulls, but Luck will have to do for today. The trio plus one head for Nean. It is here they meet three lovely ladies. Now, Finral may know how to charm the ladies, but Asta and Luck are whole other case. Still, while things started off rocky each pair did have a moment together. In Asta’s case, Rebecca Scarlet and him have quite a lot in common. They may not look at one another romantically, yet Rebecca has her eye on him.

Looks like Noelle has got more competition ahead of herself. Nothing is confirmed yet, but Rebecca doesn’t want to lose to the other girls! Anyhow, if you’re wondering why they included the sudden introduction of Rebecca, well she’ll be part of set up for this new arc. We’ve just begun with this one, so give it some time to roll out. Additionally, it looks like episode 29 is mainly a re-cap episode. Regardless I’ll still give that one a review even if it’s rather short. Now, how about we get this mixer started? Enjoy!


OP: Well, here’s the third OP to go along with Black Clover. Good stuff yet again.


Episode 28:


ED: And another new ending. Plenty of Noelle with this one!




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We’ll be all caught up here real soon. Stay tuned for weekly Black Clover updates here at, Anime Solution.

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