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Mahou Shoujo Site T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

I hope you’re into Dog Play.

Shioi’s recklessness may have her down at the moment, but our heroines aren’t done with her quite yet. Now, in order extract the remaining knowledge from Shioi they must devise a plan. This plan calls upon finding a magical girl with a stick that can healer others. Luckily for our duo, Shioi had a notebook filled with targets. Still, each girls potential power is unknown to them. As such a stab in the dark is taken. Nijimi, the famous idol you can take home is the target for today.

Approaching Nijimi was quite easy considering our duo’s power. However, something isn’t quite right about this girl. She doesn’t appear surprised or worried about the sudden encounter with Aya and Tsuyuno. Although, once these three had a chance to sit down and talk things became a bit more clear. Nijimi’s stick is her underwear, and it holds the ability to command others. Her authority is absolute as long as she utters the words. Additionally, our duo came across the worse possible person to help them. Turns out Nijimi has already had an encounter with Shioi. Magical Hunter claimed her best friend life. Just the mere thought of that encounter turn Nijimi’s blood thirst on. Let’s hope for our duo’s sake these two don’t cross one another anytime soon.

Episode 3 adapts chapters 6 through 9 from the source material. However, again there have been a few minor changes. They really toned down Tsuyuno backstory. In fact she was suppose to tell it to Aya, and they would have had a loving moment together. Another minor thing that was cut was during the meet up scene. Tsuyuno shows a picture of Shioi to Nijimi. Instead in the anime Tsuyuno just asked if Nijimi had any previous encounters with other magical girls. There’s a few other minor things, but the story continues to flow fine otherwise. Anyhow, let’s get our Dog Play on! Enjoy the media.



ED: So, we got a new ending. However, it mainly features a real person preforming Dog Play. This is honestly going to be one of the few rare times you’ll see 3D people on here.




Click here for the WebM album.


Next time the yo-yo girl is coming in for some excitement! Oh, and a special surprise transfer student, too. Look forward to it next Friday here at, Anime Solution.

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zovanovski (@sovanovski)
2 years ago

ตอนโกรธไม่น่ารักเลย อย่าโหรธบ่อยสิ น้องมิน

Xunder (@guest_51)
6 years ago

yo-yo girl?

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  Xunder
6 years ago

A new magical girl will be born during the next episode, and her stick will be a yo-yo.

Xunder (@guest_53)
Reply to  Yumiko
6 years ago

Now i know who ur talking about