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Mahou Shoujo Site T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

So, what does it mean to be a magical girl?

Previously we left off with Tsuyuno saving Aya. Her ability to stop time is a powerful one, but as we’ll soon come to learn there are many drawbacks to being a magical girl. From the moment one grasps their stick their life is on a timer. Placed upon each girl is symbol that slowly dwindles as a stick is used. Once that symbol is depleted its game over. As such, Tsuyuno has a rather grim view of the world. Using her power to injure or even kill is okay by her. Still, there is a reason she reached out to Aya. Someone is after the sticks of magical girls.

Before Tsuyuno teamed up with Aya she use to work with, Rina Shioi. These two were heavily investigating the meaning behind the magical girl website. However, the sudden appearance of the Magical Hunter caused Rina to mysteriously disappear. This hunter poses a unique threat to all magical girls out there. She’s a magical girl only going after other magical girls just for their sticks. And, it just so happens that her next target is, Aya. The Magical Hunter came well prepared to eliminate Aya, yet she didn’t anticipate the power of Aya’s stick. By displacing her outside her own field our heroines were able to secure today’s victory. Although the real trouble is what comes next.

I won’t spoil who the Magical Hunter is, but let’s go over what we got out of her. One, the tempest is coming. In order to survive the coming storm a great number of powerful magical sticks is needed. This storm will arrive on August 11th, and with it a world full of changes. Additionally, we got to experience first hand what happens to a magical girl when they overuse their sticks. Let’s just say it doesn’t look good for this hunter. Moreover, episode 2 adapted chapters 3 to 5, and ends at the very start of 6. Interestingly enough there are a few minor changes that took place in the anime. Nothing that changes the plot, but some things did get cut. A few of these being the USB scene from Aya’s stick, Tsuyuno messing with two boys during her time stop, and Aya’s crush not showing up. Anyhow, look forward to Dog Play next time. Enjoy today’s media!


Every now and then I catch one of these errors above. But, don’t worry I can help you out, production doA.




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Magical Hunter may be down, but another is soon to replace her. Stay tuned for more Magical Girl Site here at, Anime Solution!

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