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Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Has all hope been lost?

Before I get into this there are a few things I’d like to go over. Seems like there is a fair bit of confusion going on with this anime. So, first off at the minimum make sure you’ve watched Steins;Gate. Now, depending on what Okabe does during episode 23 sets up the story for Zero. If you didn’t know there is an alternative episode 23 called, Steins;Gate – 23 β. Make sure to view that before starting up Zero. Other wise you’re going to be lost and spoiled.

After the events of episode 23 β several months have passed. Okabe’s failed attempt to save Kurisu has permanently damaged him. Despair has consumed him, and the old cheerful Okabe is long gone. Each day he suffers flashbacks of all the horrific events from previous world lines. Mayuri, seeing Okabe in such a state recommends that he seeks professional help. Thanks to her suggestion Okabe is able to somewhat turn this life around. The memories still hunt him, but he’s slowly move on. Still, the worse possible future awaits Okabe if he fails to act soon. Moreover, while helping out at a seminar Okabe encounters, Maho Hiyajo. This fateful meeting would be the beginning of Okabe’s revival. Today’s seminar is all about AI, and the storage of human memories. Well, looks like a certain someone just may be coming back.

It honestly feels great to be watching Steins;Gate again. The atmosphere and pacing of this first episode really set things up to be quite interesting later on. White Fox did an excellent job showing just how broken Okabe is after killing Kurisu. Let’s just hope his despair doesn’t get to him too much now. Anyhow, let’s start this thriller. Enjoy the broken mad scientist!





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Okabe, fight on! And, remember to stick around for more Steins;Gate 0 here at, Anime Solution.

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Kevin DuranD
Kevin Duran (@disqus_mfcvow6nap)
6 years ago

Love your media reviews! By the way, can you please do Media Review of “High School DxD HERO”? It’s out for this season. ?

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  Kevin Duran
6 years ago

Thank you for the comment. It means a great deal to read that you enjoy my reviews. Now, as for DxD I’m unable to cover it here for two reasons. One, I’ve only ever watched one episode from the series. It’s regrettable I was never able to keep up with it, but maybe one day I can get into it. Additionally, I’m currently over maximum capacity for reviews here. Throwing anymore shows into the mix isn’t going to look pretty. Still, if you see any potential stitches or WebMs from Hero that you would like made just let me know. I do not mind making some minor media here and there.