Boku no Hero Academia 3 T.V. Media Review Episode 1

Ready to be reminded?

All right, the third season of Boku no Hero Academia is here! However, this first episode is more of a recap of prior events. If you’re fuzzy from the break between seasons, or even just wanting to jump in now, then I guess this is your episode. The entire main cast is gone over during this episode, so you get a little of everything with this one. Moreover, beside the flashbacks we’re given a pool episode on the side. While it’s technically being done in the name of training, no body ever goes to the pool without having a little bit of fun.

Going forward chapter 70 should start being adapted next week. Only the very end of this episode was really cannon. The forest lodge training will be the focus starting next time. Get ready for whole new arc of action, danger, and excitement! Anyhow, the media awaits. Enjoy the recap!




Episode 1:






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Next time the plot truly begins. Make sure to return every Saturday for more, Boku no Hero Academia!

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