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Overlord II T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

Victory is here, but for whom?

The battle to secure the capital is finally underway. However, it’s about time we end this game of charades. “Jaldabaoth”, or should I say, Demiurge, is ready to reveal his grand master plan. While the battle rages on, Ainz and Demiurge sneak off to discuss what will become of this night. First up, Nazarick has found themselves whole lot of wealth after today’s invasion. Second, the take down of the Eight Fingers has been completed. Their will is no longer there own, and they will now work under Nazarick’s guiding hand. Third, after cornering off a section of the capital many of the resident were taken hostage. These people will now be forced to work under Nazarick’s loving care. Lastly, the biggest piece of the plan calls for making Momon a hero. After tonight’s invasion everyone will know of the legendary hero, Momon, who fended off the great demon lord.

Well, while some believed they won the night, it was really Nazarick who came out like bandits. There is one individual who does deserve some credit during this episode. Brain, has finally faced his fear. Taking on Shalltear as a mere human is nothing to scuff at. He may of only clipped her nail, but it was a victory nonetheless for him.

Now, as for season 2 itself I’d have to say it was an enjoyable ride. I know some fans out there were sadden with the lack of Ainz this season, but it’s something you’re going have to accept. Why do I bring up? Well, season 3 is already confirmed and coming this summer. So, Overlord fans, rejoice! However, if you’re unfamiliar with the source materiel going forward just know that Ainz won’t be taking the spotlight in the next season. Still, there’s a lot more to come for Overlord, and I hope you’ll continue to look forward to it. As for now, let’s get on into the media. Enjoy!


A certain other studio could learn something from this clock.




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This may be the end for today, but make sure to return for season 3! Anime Solution will without a doubt be covering all Overlord anime media. So, keep on looking forward to more!

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