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Overlord II T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Nazarick comes for you, Eight Fingers!

The complete destruction of the Eight fingers is finally at hand. The kidnapping of Tsuare was their final mistake. Some of the strongest of Nazarick have gathered in order to fulfill not one, but two goals. Saving Tsuare is actually just a secondary objective. The true goal here is being led by Demiurge, however that goal won’t be revealed until the end. Meanwhile, the forces the princess gathered are about to set out to put down the Eight Fingers as well. The kingdom is about to experience one bloody night. And with so many different organizations out and about there’s bound to be even more conflicts.

Now, from this point onward there’s going to be multiple battles happening. The first battle to take place during this episode is Sebas against the Six Arms. Before taking them on he runs into Brain, Climb, and Lockmyer. Since all of them were going for the same target it’s only natural to team up. Sebas, will take the front and the others will go find, Tsuare. Moving forward, Sebas, downs 4 of the Six Arms in mere seconds. The trio on the other hand find Tsuare locked away in a cell or do they? There’s more to come with this battle next time.

Another heated front during this episode begins with Entoma and Mare. Mare is here to collect Hilma for interrogation. Once he has his target he is off gain some valued secrets. Entoma stays behind in order to watch over the transportation of goods and to enjoy some nice man meat. By a stroke of fate, Gagaran, encounters Entoma chowing down. After witnessing such a sight the two eventually come to blows. The fight is rather one-sided until Tia shows up. Even with a two on one, Entoma, still holds an advantage. That is until a third Blue Rose member appears. Evileye, has a spell that is a direct counter to, Entoma. Using her insecticide spell turns the tide. However, Entoma won’t be falling today. Before the final blow could be struck a masked demon appears. This demon is above anything the three Blue Rose members could even hope to answer. Gagaran and Tia are easily slain. As for Evileye, she was about to accept her fate until the unexpected happened. Momon is here to save the day!

All right, talk about a great and engaging episode. Plenty of action here for those that wanted that season 1 feel. Now, we’ve got 2 more episodes to go and the war has only just begun. Expect a lot more action here. The true goal will be realized soon. Anyways, time to get to that media. Enjoy and remember no bullying Entoma!





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We’ve got plenty of more blood to spill! Stay tuned for the best of Overlord II here at, Anime Solution.

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