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Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) T.V. Media Review Episode 23

by Yumiko

The chase is on!

Episode 23 is broken down into two fronts that end up clashing into one. First up, Elias isn’t doing so well after losing, Chise. He’s on the edge of losing himself again, but he’s stopped by Spriggan. Attacking the woodlands calls for Titania to make an appearance as well. Seeing one of her beloved children in such pain breaks her heart. As such she offers Elias a deal. Stay with her until the end of times and she’ll also retrieve, Chise. While this is a great offer, it’s not a life Elias wants for Chise. Although rejected, Titania, still wishes to aid Elias. By combining their powers they are off to find, Chise.

Meanwhile, Chise is experiencing Joseph’s long forgotten past. Growing up, Joseph, was an outcast in his own village. One day he hears a plea calling for help. On that faithful day he uncovers, Cartaphilus. Cartaphilus, gave Joseph some semblance of peace in his life. He would care for Cartaphilus, and Cartaphilus would be there for him. However, Joseph hoped that by taking care of Cartaphilus that one day the pair would leave the village and travel together. Unfortunately, taking care of this undying corpse doesn’t help. Once Joseph realized the hopelessness of the situation he began to break down. His only hope now was to become one with, Cartaphilus. Now, the two can truly be together forever more. Forever is a long time, though. As time passed, Joseph, began to forget who he even was. And his suffering only grew greater throughout that time.

Well, Chise’s deal with her new curse is to put an end to all this suffering. Although, getting Joseph to cooperate may not go so easily. Elias and friends are able to come to Chise’s aid in time, but now Joseph is on the run. We’ll just have to wait and see how this all goes down next time! Additionally, it should be noted that the anime actually caught up to the source material. Not sure how this will end, but let’s hope for nothing too anime original. Anyhow, everything has been step up for this moment. So, how about some media now? Enjoy!





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One final episode remains! It has been one long journey, but all great tales must come to an end. Join us one last time here at, Anime Solution.

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