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Citrus T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Don’t let her eyes deceive you.

Well, Mei relations are on rocks after today’s actions. Yuzu, has been played. Nina’s eavesdropping gave her all the info she needed to push the right buttons. Moreover, turns out the destiny Sara kept going on about was about, Mei. She has got quite the crush on Mei, but destiny sometimes need a little bit of a push. Nina, finds out where Yuzu’s school is heading for the day and drags Sara along. It is here where the hand of destiny forces it way open. Sara takes one big chance and confesses to Mei. As fate would have it, Mei, accepts Sara’s feelings. Meanwhile, Yuzu has finally worked up the courage to admit her feelings. However, she’s too late. Mei makes it clear that she is now dating another girl. Yuzu just about loses it, yet the icing on the cake is just about to be delivered. Nina, has a quick little chat with Yuzu. She let’s Yuzu know about the recent developments on Sara’s destiny. Additionally, she hopes that as a good friend she’ll support this relationship going forward. At this point Yuzu is none the wiser. Unfortunately, Yuzu’s fate is about to come crashing down. As she about to experience one rude awaken when things become clear.

All right, from the audiences point of view it was always clear what was really going on. However, between Yuzu and Sara things just didn’t quite click together. Both of them going after the same girl and never dropping the name, yikes. Well, Sara has won this round, but I wouldn’t count Yuzu out. We’ve got one more episodes to go! I know Yuzu is one to never give up, so expect quite the final. Anyhow, time for some more drama. Enjoy the trip!





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Sadly, we’ve only got one more episode to go. Make sure to join us next week for one final Citrus review here at, Anime Solution!

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