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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Is Arato being played?

Well, the Kaidai family certainly believes so. From the beginning, Ryou, was never comfortable with Arato owning, Lacia. Arato’s actions last episode raised some serious flags. Instead of running or helping other humans, he went for Lacia first. His entire world seems to be controlled by Lacia now. At least that’s what Ryou believes. Moreover, Shiori has recently been dragged into the Memeframe affair. Her contract with Methode is complete and she’s already willing to use her. Today she confronted Arato about Lacia, yet he’s not willing to give up on Lacia so easily. Nevertheless, Shiori’s plan is already in motion. Lacia and Arato are now being targeted.

Depending on how you look at it one can reasonably assume Arato is being analog hacked. Lacia, does seem to be putting up a false act in order to survive. Even when Arato questioned her about this he was only met with silence. Falling for that pretty fake smile may have been Arato’s biggest mistake. Anyhow, today was mainly just a talk/step-up episode. We’ll be getting some action next time, and Kouka is back, too! So, enjoy today’s media presentation of Beatless!





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Action is coming! Stay tuned for more Beatless fun here at, Anime solution.

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