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Citrus T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Oh, Matsuri!

Christmas has arrived, but will everything go well? Not if Matsuri has anything to say about it. That photo Matsuri had taken is ready for use. Going after Mei when nobody else is around, Matsuri, does the unthinkable. She’ll release the picture if Mei doesn’t follow her order. This order is to accompany an old man for a date. Unfortunately, Mei can’t take the risk, thus she agrees. Matsuri can finally have her one on one date with, Yuzu. Now, there’s a bit of a backfire here with her planning. Since Mei can no longer attend the family Christmas celebration, Yuzu, will only have Mei on her mind. It’s just the thing that Matsuri can’t stand the most, yet it does end up saving the day. Matsuri let’s it slip that Mei is off to see a man. Yuzu, now finally realizes what’s going on. Fortunately, Yuzu is able to get to Mei before anything serious happened. As for Matsuri, well let’s just say she won’t soon forget today’s lesson.

All right, in the end the trio somewhat end on good terms. Mei is finally able to talk some sense into, Matsuri. Forcing Yuzu’s love and attention only hurts others. Yuzu, will love you even if you don’t ask for it. Moreover, now that things have settled there’s a possibility for a threesome in the future! Yeah, good luck on getting that one in the anime. Anyhow, the Matsuri drama is over. Now let’s enjoy that media!





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One piece of drama is over and another is surely on the way. Remember to visit us weekly for all your Citrus needs!

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