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Nanatsu no Bitoku T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Here’s your naughty nurse for the night!

Our 5th virtue is, Metatron, the angle of charity. One could claim she is the most exalted among all the virtues. Helping a person in need is her calling. Anyhow, her Messiah of choice is none other than a patient. Nursing him back to health isn’t an easy job, but somebody gotta do it. By using her own body, Metratron, will have this Messiah blood pumping fast. Although, do keep her away from needles. Otherwise you’re going to see a super sadistic side of her.

Good lord, Metatron, next time I’m ill please send some of that charity this way. I’ll even take needle, too! Anyways, great episode from start to finish. Also, sorry for the delays with this one. Hopefully episode 6 is much faster, but for now let’s indulge in some nurse play. Enjoy the injection!





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This is getting way too hot! We’re half way through here, but the service is still flowing fine. Nevertheless, expect much more, Nanatsu no Bitoku, to come!

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