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Citrus T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

It’s a date!

Matsuri’s planned date with just Yuzu turns sour the moment she see, Mei. Yuzu, also can’t help but only have eyes for Mei. Matsuri’s temper got the better off her and she storms off. Yuzu goes after here, although they never meet back up. Meanwhile, Matsuri plots against Mei. With the help of two peepers she is able to obtain some material that could damage Mei’s image. After the sudden kiss, Matsuri, leaves the scene. Finally it’s time for our two loving sisters to have some quality time together. There’s nothing wrong with sisters holding hands, right? Anyhow, Christmas is right around the corner. Mei has never truly indulged during the holidays. Now, since she has a new family things are going to change. Yuzu is working tirelessly to make this a perfect Christmas, yet back at the academy trouble arrives in the form of one, Matsuri.

Other than Matsuri storming off and scheming against Mei, the drama was rather low this episode. Instead for the most part we got a beautiful scene of two loving sisters under the snow. I wish more of the episodes were like that, honestly. Still, Matsuri isn’t going to let today’s action go without a fight. Ready for some blackmail? Anyways, let’s get this date underway. Enjoy the snow!





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The drama was low today, but get ready for it to fire up next time! Stay tuned for more yuri goods here at, Anime Solution.

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