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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Why aren’t the Lacia units returning?

After the events of episode 5 the runaways can no longer be easily overlooked. Their creators initially designed the Lacia units to be data storage’s on the move. This was done in order to prevent the lost of valuable data. However, these walking data storage’s are suppose to return to the company. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though. Only one of the Lacia units are within the company’s ownership. The rest are fighting for their survival out in the free world. Now, the company has no choice but to retrieve their property by any means necessary.

All right, so quite a few things took place during this episode. Episode 6 is really just a step-up for things to come. The major piece is the company isn’t very happy about the whole Lacia situation. Moreover, all the Lacia units are now on stage. The one owned by, Watarai, is of particular importance today. Methode is after a 2nd owner and she’s going after, Shiori. Normally a hIE shouldn’t be able to have two owners, but the Lacia’s are unlike their fellow peers. Methode hopes to gain the approval of a 2nd owner in order to counteract the orders of, Watarai. Why is that? She believes his action will spell her doom. In fact he is the one that began this whole event on that faithful night. Anyhow, there’s more drama to come. So, let’s get to that media! Enjoy.





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A slow start, but things can only pick up from here. Stay tuned for future updates of Beatless here at, Anime Solution!

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