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Märchen Mädchen T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Team Russia takes center stage!

And they’re willing to play little dirty before the match even begins. Why must they go to such extreme lengths? Well, one of their own was attacked before the Hexennacht began. Tatiana, was tricked by a hooded figure posing as an official for the Hexennacht. She handed over her Origin and had it altered. Now her magic not only effects her enemies, but her friends as well. In order to remedy this issue the Russian team seeks to win the Hexennacht at all costs. However, getting team Japan to forfeit won’t be so easy. Most of their plans end up in failure. Still, they get a bit ahead of themselves with one of them. Luckily, Hazuki and Shizuka are very forgiving. Next time the real battle begins!

Okay, while it’s pretty obvious who the hooded figure is, although I won’t spoil it out for now. Moreover, the alteration to Tatiana’s magic could be quite interesting. Since she cancels out everyone’s magic now the Russian team just needs to play around this ability. Victory could come to them easily with a great strategy, but we all know Japan isn’t losing in the first round. Hopefully Tatiana’s crisis is solved and the hooded figure is outed. Anyhow, the media awaits. Enjoy and prepare yourself for the battle to come!


OP: Last week introduced the real opening for, Märchen Mädchen. Much better than what it was before.


Episode 7:

And here’s today cute end card.




Click here for the WebM album.


The first official battle begin next time! Don’t miss out and remember to check back everyday for more updates here at, Anime Solution.


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