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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 16

by Yumiko

Remember to never leave a friend behind.

Luck, on the other hand is in dire need of some friends. Running ahead to fight alone netted him one strong opponent. Luckily, Asta and Noelle are not very far behind. Asta is quick to leap into the action, but cutting through the smoke won’t be enough. Taking down Lotus will take the combined might of all 3 party members. It was close, although no body ever expects the mana-less hero. Meanwhile, the Golden Dawn party fight an opponent that is even greater than, Lotus. Mimosa has already been taken out and Yuno is hardly holding his own ground. Looks like a little back up is in order.

Episode 15 is also partly the Luck background story episode. Ever wondered why he constantly craves for battle? Well, his mother desired only victory from him. Luck took his mother’s words to heart even after she departed. However, Asta was able to open Luck’s eyes up. Not everything has to be done alone. There’s a reason one should always make a friend. A good friend will always come help save the day. Anyhow, the media beckons. Enjoy and remember to cherish your friends!





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The real battle begin next time! Stick around for weekly Black Clover updates and more.

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