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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Ready for the end of act 1?

Arato and Kengo are on two very different missions, but will each of them complete their goal? Arato’s aim is save Kengo. Kengo, on the other hand seeks to destroy, Mikoto. Upon the 22nd floor the missions collide. Additionally, an expected guest enter the fray. Snowdrop is here to play. It’s a chaotic scene, still Arato was able to make it in time. As Kengo’s life was thrown to the breeze his friend dares to grab onto him. Pulling his friend back from the edge completes Arato’s mission. As for the other mission, Kouka deals with Mikoto.

Well, that’s end of the first piece of Beatless. I can’t say it was very stellar art nor animation wise. Even the plot was a bit random with Snowdrop suddenly appearing, but at least Arato saved his friend. Speaking of Snowdrop, ever seen, Teeth, the movie. Get ready for some of that in this episode, hehe. Anyhow, Beatless is on break next week. Enjoy the friendship!





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Beatless will be going on break next week. There will be a re-cap episode, however I won’t be covering it. So, see you in 2 weeks and look forward to more!

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