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Märchen Mädchen T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Magic will never die!

Previously we left off with Shizuka telling Hazuki to never return. Those words hurt Hazuki, but something had to be done to protect her. Hazuki is crushed, yet her story is just beginning. She gives up her Cinderella origin and is offered a potion to forget everything that has happened. She takes the potion, although she does not drink it. Letting go of magic and friendship just isn’t that easy. Moreover, Hazuki’s own Cinderella story is forming. Hazuki’s step-sister opens her eyes to her way of living. As we all know Hazuki loves burying herself in books. She believed her story could be found within those fantasy. However, words in a book are just words in a book after all. She has to go out there and make her own story into reality. Now, up for another run, Hazuki?

It was brief, but Hazuki is ready to go right back into it again. This time I firmly believe her magic will blossom forth. I hope the Hexennacht is ready for, Hazuki. Moreover, the Headmistress told an interesting story during today’s episode. If you didn’t catch it, the story is about Hazuki’s mother, the previous Cinderella Origin user. Her mother’s story ended in heartbreak unfortunately. Not all dreams can come true sadly. As for Hazuki, her dreams and stories are only just beginning. Now, let’s get this story underway. Enjoy the beginning of the Hexennacht.


And today’s end card is Hazuki’s replacement.




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Did Hazuki make it in time? Find out next week here at, Anime Solution! The magic has just begun.

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