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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 14

by Yumiko

A new mission begins today!

Asta’s 2nd mission is to secure a recently risen dungeon. These dungeons contain extremely powerful magical items from civilizations long ago. However, obtaining the treasures of the past won’t be so easy. Dungeons are typically guarded by numerous high level magical traps. Additionally, this dungeon is location right on the boarder between the Clover and Diamond Kingdom. It’s now a race against an enemy kingdom. Accompanying Asta on this mission will be Noelle and Luck. Luck, is assigned to be the leader of the group. However, Luck has a one track mind for fighting the strongest out there. Shortly after arriving he runs off on his own to find the other dungeon raiders. Meanwhile, Asta and Noelle get entangled in a trap. Things look grim, but out of no where an old friend appears. Yuno and the Golden Dawn are here, too!

Episode 14 is essentially the beginning of the 2nd cour. We’re gifted with a new OP and ED. Both of which I believe are upgrades from their previous versions. Unfortunately, the art and animation during the episode wasn’t so great. In fact quality has been going on a downward trend for a while now. Hopefully once the fighting starts things will have a turn around. Also, this episode is all cannon. No half stuff or full on filler. Anyhow, let’s get this mission underway. Enjoy and watch your footing.




Episode 14:






Click here for the WebM album.


Our newest mission has only just begun. Stay tuned for the coming action and as always look forward to more!


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