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Ousama Game The Animation T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

I hope everyone remembered leg day.

The next order has been given, all remaining class members are to run to the summit of Nuegakubi. Additionally, after every 8 hours the farthest class member from the summit will face punishment. The students are also not allowed to use any form of transportation or equipment. Their only choice is to run for their lives. On top of this everyone is currently on edge after seeing Teru’s head roll. Class unity is at an all time low and betrayal on the run is to be expected. Takuya, is the first to turn against everyone. Masatoshi, is pulled from behind and thrown down a set of stairs. The remaining class members had no choice but to leave him behind. However, he’s still got a little run left in him. Meanwhile, Nobuaki, is still attempting to save everyone possible. Yet, his constant struggle is finally getting to him. Will his sacrifices finally cost him his life?

Quite the workout episode this one was. Normally I doubt most of these children could do this run, but they are running for their very lives now. Pushed to the edge the human body can do quite a number of things. Anyhow, we’re slowly coming to the end here. So, you know what that means! More bodies will be hitting the floor. Anyways, enjoy today’s media!





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The end is near. Stay tuned for more updates of, Ousama Game, here at, Anime Solution!

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